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My schedule for the next two weeks- Pride 2014

OK people, if you are looking to run into me or to avoid running into me, here is my plan for Pride 2014:

Thurs. June 19:
8 PM Fresh Meat cabaret's 13th! year
10 PM the Frameline opening night party - if I have steam

Fri. June 20
9:30 PM Dvojina ("Dual") @Roxie - BTW there's something lost in translation here-- the title refers not to the English adjective meaning having two aspects, but the dual case, something found in some Slavic languages-- my Slovene grammar book says of the dual case "The dual denotes two persons or objects and may be expressed by the dual form of the noun used on its own or by the dual form used with the numeral 'two.'" It would be used in a phrase like "my legs hurt." (All bilaterally symmetrical body parts use the dual.)

Sat. June 21
10 AM Femme Brunch @Lake Merritt
4:15 PM Der Kreis ("The Circle") @Castro
8:00 PM My friend SAM's show Topsy Turvy @Brava - Getcher dose of hella tight queer circus cabaret right here.

Sun. June 22
1:15 PM Campaign of Hate/panel with Masha Gessen @Victoria
2:30 PM - 6:00 PM Working as volunteer captain @Vic (one showing: QWOCMAP shorts- glad I'll be able to see this since I couldn't get myself together this weekend to attend the QWOCMAP [queer women of color media arts project] festival)
After that-- running over the St. Gregory's to work the merch table for Kitka's 7 PM performance of the "Russian Sappho" Sofia Parnok's poetry set to music - "I Will Remember Everything"

Mon. June 23
5:30 PM - 11:10 PM Working as volunteer captain @Vic (two showings: Transtastic shorts and Зимний Путь ["Winter Journey"])

Tues. June 24
6:30 PM To Be Takei @Castro
9:30 PM Around the Block @Castro (with Christina Ricci)

Wed. June 25
7 PM Broken Gardenias @Elmwood

Thus. June 26
...The kittens' surgery day. I'm hoping to make it out in the evening if all goes well.
9:30 PM Out in the Night @Elmwood 

Fri. June 27
5:30 - 11:35 PM Working as volunteer captain @Vic (two showings: Out in the Line-up- the gay surfer movie- and the queer horror shorts program)

Sat. June 28
11 AM Pussy v. Putin @Roxie
2:15 - 6:10 PM Working as volunteer captain @Roxie (one showing: Boy Meets Girl)

Sun. June 29
11 AM Fun in Girls Shorts @Castro
10 PM I can't imagine I'll last that long, but I might try to go to the Frameline closing night party

Sun. July 6
7:30 PM Queer Rebels of the Harlem Renaissance @AAACC (should we be pronouncing that? The Bill the Cat venue...) -- in the last few years I've volunteered at this show, probably will again. I'm aiming for the Sunday show. It's not perfectly even -- a real old-time queer cabaret show like we had in the 90's-- there's always at least one performance that is jaw-droppingly good, and most are thought-provoking and well-prepared. There's the occasional diva who decided not to rehearse or even write a piece, but even that can be interesting. I like it mainly because it's the only majority-POC queer cabaret I've ever encountered and the curators are a rare combination of talented and friendly.

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