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Job news

Well, my Sonoma State University job is set to end in a month, at which point I'm planning on going back on unemployment. There's been all kinds of activity outside my awareness toward soliciting more funds to continue the project. Today I was in a two-hour meeting with some of the funder-advisors (they are advising the main funder), and the long and the short of it is it looks like a pretty sure thing that there will be more funding, but it's unclear exactly when or how much. I don't know on what terms I'd be hired. Probably not full time, I'd guess.

Meanwhile, I applied for a full time job at a think tank in Palo Alto, the Institute for the Future, and I just got asked to do a phone screening. The person who asked me to do the screening also asked me "for the screening call, please choose one signal to share with [my screener]." I went to the page linked to the word "signal,"</span> and have no idea what I'm supposed to do, so just I wrote back and asked for clarification.

I applied because I know someone who works there and she loves her job. But-- "signal"? With no explanation or context? Seriously, you can't just make up words and expect me to know what you mean. Talk about off-putting.

I really don't want to work somewhere where the work is all abstraction and image. Here is the list of their clients. I need work, but, I have a sinking feeling about that place. The staff is pretty much all white people. Whose future are they planning? So, this screening call is going to be a two-way screening.

Augh. Well, worst case scenario they offer me a job and I don't accept their offer.

Meanwhile, back on unemployment in a month.

Also, last week I started an online Intro to the Marine Environment online class at Laney, and I'm enjoying it a lot. Enough that I wonder about going back to school again. 
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